Current Finding of Helminth Morphology Cause Infectious Disease

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In Indonesia, the prevalence of helminthiasis is still high, especially in children. The frequency is 60-70% in populations at risk. The lack of use of family latrines causes soil contamination with feces around the yard. There are still few articles that review the morphology of worms that cause infectious diseases in Indonesia. Whereas knowledge of morphology is important to understand the life cycle of worms that play a role in disease transmission in humans and mammals. This article aims to discuss the latest findings regarding the morphology of worms that cause infectious diseases in humans. It can be concluded that at the adult stage, worms can be sexed. Usually, the female type has a relatively larger size than the male. On the head (anterior) there are 3 lips that have sensor papillae, one on the mediodorsal and 2 on the ventrolateral. Between the 3 lips there is a bucal cavity which is triangular in shape and functions as a mouth.

Keywords - Morphology, Helminth, Infectious disease

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