Upaya Perlindungan Pekerja Rumah Tangga Sebagai Kelompok Masyarakat Yang Termarjinalkan di Indonesia

Maslihati Nur Hidayati


There is no particular law in Indonesia on domestic workers, but several other laws provide some protection. Due to the informal, familial and paternalistic employment relations between many domestic workers and their employers, the settlement of disputes in relation to the content and enforcement of rights and responsibilities is usually also done informally. This paper has outlined standards relating to the treatment of domestic workers in Indonesia under current Indonesian law, current international standards, and according to best practice. There is no doubt that there is a gap between current Indonesian law on one hand, and international standards and best practice on the other. This means that domestic workers in Indonesia is often an unprotected form and exploitative form of employment.


female domestic workers, labour rights, protection, law

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