Analisis Daya Saing Produk Produk Indonesia di Pasar China

Hanny Nurlatifah


Become the bigest number of population in the world  has made China as a potential market to develop. Implementation of CAFTA free trade agreement provides both threat and an opportunity for Indonesian products in the Chinese market. The objective of this study are  to describe the development of trade between Indonesia and China from 2005 until 2009 and performed an analysis of the competitiveness  Advantage of Indonesian export products in the Chinese market using the Constant Market Share Analysis (CMSA). The analysis showed that China-Indonesia trade balance deficit started in 2008 when China started its foreign trade.   Most of Indonesian product are not competitive compared to other  products that China imported from the world. Products that have the competitiveness in Chinna market are adhesive products and hard rubber products with a relatively small value. For products which have the potential for export development in the Chinese market are  paper label, hard rubber, hand saws, adhesive material and maps. Products that can adapt to the Chinese market are  paper label, weighing machine, hard rubber, adhesive materials, sulfur and maps.


Indonesia-China International Trade, product competitiveness, Constant Market Share Analysis (CMSA)

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