Tingkat Kognisi Tentang Konsumsi Susu Pada Ibu Peternak Sapi Perah Lembang Jawa Barat

Damayanti Wardyaningrum


Since Indonesia has the lowest rank in milk consumption in Asia, this research addresses in measuring mother’s cognitive regarding milk consumption. The research  use quantitative descriptive method focusing on the milk farmer in Lembang West Java as one of the bigest milk suplier for nasional milk production. The research shows that mothers have enough knowledges about  the nutrition element containing in the freshmilk, advantages of milk consumption for the human bodies,  and mothers could indicate charateristic of physical element in  fresh milk properly. But mothers have poor knowledges in optimizing  way  for  preparing milk consumption and have minimum creativity in producing food variant from milk for their family. Most of the farmer’s  family members have minimum  milk consumption caused by some reason.


cognitive, mothers, milk consumption

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ISSN : 2356-0185

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