Kajian Identitas Merek Situs Berniaga.com Melalui Makna Slogan Jualnya Gampang Belinya Senang

Rustono Farady Marta, Patricia Agustin


Abstract – The development of technology makes Internet to be the most promising tool. It is simply because the process of advertising becomes easy, free, efficient, and accessible to all people directly even simultaneously because it is online. Internet capable of reaching out to all corners of the world and available 24 hours a day. In an effort to strengthen the brand identity on the internet, it takes wording or phrase to summarize or express purpose and spirit of the brand, which is a tagline. The presence of the tagline is not an absolute, but has a unique role in developing the brand image in advertisement posted on a website. This condition encourages researchers to be interested in reviewing the text form of berniaga.com tagline which reads "Happy selling Easy purchasing". The approach used in this study is qualitative analysis method semiology of Ferdinand de Saussure. The results showed that the communicant aimed to capture the meaning of the sign in the form of consumer culture. The tagline of berniaga.com sites that are practically encouraging reader to interpret that online shopping can be done easily and quickly take place.

KeywordsBrand Identity, Tagline, berniaga.com, Saussure’s Semiology

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ISSN : 2356-0185

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